Enatel Energy app to offer exclusive content for Intelec 2017

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Meet Enatel at Intelec 17

The Enatel Energy app will be your portal into the latest innovations and developments from one of the world’s leading specialists in DC power conversion technology.

Set to be released in the run-up to Intelec 2017 on the Gold Coast, the app will be an exclusive platform for the timed release of tools and information connected to the innovations revealed on Enatel Energy’s stand.

These include a mobile dimensioning tool for a next generation DC UPS that will allow you to size your system needs with the swipe of a finger, and a take-home interactive experience.

Damien O’Regan, VP Product Strategy, says the app has been designed to offer long-term value as well as exclusives timed for Intelec.

“We’re certainly not the first technology manufacturer in this space to offer an app, but that’s given us a chance to see what works and develop a platform designed to deliver long-term targeted value to our people – the ICT managers and technicians. The app provides everything you’d expect, including news and a product catalogue, but launches with a set of interactive features we hope to build on as we grow our audience.”

Like the dimensioning tool, the take-home interactive experience is being kept firmly under wraps until the start of Intelec 2017 on October 22. A timed release is set for when the show begins.

However, those wanting a hint of what the experience will be about need look no further than Enatel Energy’s latest e-book The smart future of mobile networks.

“These resources are all part of an integrated effort to showcase the potential of some very exciting innovations, but in a way that is engaging, interactive and accessible,” Damien says. “White papers will always have their place, but we know one of the biggest pain points experienced by key decision-makers in this field is simply finding the time to research innovation in the first place. The app and the e-book are two ways we’re trying to make that task easier.”

The Enatel Energy app will be available for Android and Apple devices in early October. Watch this space.



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