Intelec: What we’re bringing to the show and how you can stay on top of developments

Are you going to Intelec 2017? If so, we’ll see you there. But if not, here’s how you can stay up to date with all the developments on the stand.

Intelec 2017 promises to be an eventful show, bringing the world’s top communications power specialists all under one roof in the Gold Coast.

It’s a special Intelec for Enatel Energy because it’s the first in many years to take place in Australasia. However, more importantly, it’s going to be the venue for:

  • The launch of our most disruptive communications power solution to date.
  • A look at how SYNERGi, our advanced hybrid power management system, will evolve into a smart grid-ready solution that enables you to export power when the grid needs it the most.

At Intelec

If you’re travelling to the Gold Coast for Intelec 2017 you’ll be able to visit our stand as soon as the exhibition begins at 11.00am on Monday (October 23).

There, you’ll be able to see our new modular DC UPS in the flesh and talk to staff, including senior management when available, about its potential applications.

You’ll also be able to take in the SYNERGi 2.0 AR experience. Simply download the Enatel Energy app to your mobile device from Google Play or the App Store and you’ll be able to unlock the AR experience feature to use on the stand. This app will be our platform for exclusive content during Intelec but will also be a long-term hub for news, updates, and interactive content from Enatel Energy.

We’re also involved in events at Intelec, one of which you’re specifically invited to.

We’re holding an informal get together for our friends (that’s you BTW) on our stand from 5.00 pm on Monday (October 23). Designed to bridge the gap between the end of that day’s sessions and the beginning of the Exhibitor’s Reception, we’ll be offering cocktail food and drinks alongside a chance to get one-on-one walkthroughs and discussions on communications power with our top people.

Speaking of top people, one of them – Chief Technical Officer Murray Wyma – will be speaking in the Commercial Product Exposure session scheduled for 1.30 pm on Wednesday (October 25).

In reference to SYNERGi’s patented advanced dynamic hybrid optimisation, Murray will be speaking on the topic of Addressing Persistent Pain Points of Hybrid Deployments.

If you want to know how to minimise truck rolls out to off grid sites with automation, this session will be of great interest.


Of course, not everyone can make it to the Gold Coast Convention and Exhibition Centre next week. But if you won’t be there, you can still check out Enatel Energy’s innovations with some related exclusive content.

Download the Enatel Energy app from Google Play or the App Store and you’ll be able to register to access some cool online features linking back to what we’re doing on the stand.

These include a digital dimensioning tool for our communications power UPS solution plus a “take home” version of the SYNERGi 2.0 AR experience you can use on a printable resource from our website.

We’ll also be publishing updates to LinkedIn and Twitter, but if you want to really get a feel for what’s happening on our stand download the app.


Book time with the team at Intelec 2017. Places will be limited.

Find out more about SYNERGi 2.0.

Find out more about the Smart future of mobile networks.

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