DC Power Solutions

Enatel Energy offers an expansive portfolio of fully customisable DC power systems and industrial battery chargers, designed to meet every power conversion requirement. Solutions offer flexibility and scalability by way of rack mount, hot-pluggable combinations of modular AC-DC rectifiers, DC-AC inverters, DC-DC converters with advanced monitoring and control.

600W to 600kW and Everything in Between

Choose from an extensive range of DC power system architectures and outputs


Our Building Blocks

Our Builidng Blocks

Unique Topology that Sets us Apart

Enatel Energy has built its reputation on decades of power electronics design, manufacture and support to establish robust topology combinations. Our Dual Active Bridge (DAB) HE topology employs a unique conversion design that maximises efficiency and reliability to provide critical power within emergency networks. We refuse to compromise and adopt those short-cuts adopted by some others.

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The next generation Energy Manager includes unique patented energy management features such as Dynamic Generator Optimisation, Dynamic Phase Balancing, PowerSave and PowerShare functions, which maximise conversion efficiency and site equipment performance. The Energy Manager intelligently blends and prioritises renewable inputs with learning and self-healing logic.

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