Our range of DC-DC converters can be configured in combinations to provide multiple voltage outputs, filtering and isolation. The software allows adjustment of various performance parameters. This is ideal for network power applications. Modules can operate standalone or with the Energy Manager to provide complete system level monitoring and control.


Low Voltage DC-DC Converters

A multitude of converter options are available, which can be integrated into Enatel systems or operate as a standalone solution in combination with 3rd party devices.


CM Series Converter

Our high voltage converter employs an advanced topology to optimize operational benefits. It is the ideal converter for growing demands around 380V DC that require energy conversion to 48V.


Smart, powerful, and safe.

2kW Solar Charger (SM2048HE)

With peak efficiency near 98%, our high efficiency solar converter provides significant energy savings. Standalone or system integrated, these modules uniquely deliver added peace-of-mind and security with their galvanic isolation and earth leak protection. A wide input operating voltage provides PV flexibility and optimization.


Extreme Compatibility

2kW Wind Charger (WM2048HE)

Our wind converter shares the same robust topology and performance delivered by our solar charger. The difference is how it intelligently determines optimal power draw so as not to overload a range of compatible HV wind turbines, as high efficiency in combination with elevated DC voltages significantly reduces copper losses and cost.

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