Outstanding in their class, our modular AC-DC rectifiers include unique, robust topologies, that deliver unrivalled performance and high reliability.


Unrivalled Power Density

3kW HE Rectifiers (RM3048HE)

With a power density of 41W/in3, this high efficiency rectifier leads the industry pack. It is the perfectly dependable power building block for large systems and designed for backwards compatibility.


Trusted by Many

3kW XE Rectifiers (RM3048XE)

At Telmex Mexico, China Telecom, STC Saudi Arabia… you’ll find these eXtra Efficiency modules in operation across networks all over the planet.


Unmatched Conversion Efficiency

2kW HE Rectifiers (RM2048HE)

The highest efficiency 2kW rectifier module as independently tested by TUV. An absence of silicon carbide components demonstrates our ability to develop leading technology and exploit the associated benefits of reduced components.


High-Performance Hardware

2kW XE Rectifiers (RM2048XE)

Widely approved by network operators, this eXtra Efficiency Rectifier at >94% efficiency is a great alternative when >96% efficiency is surplus to requirements.

Mighty. Small.

800W 48V (RM848)

As one of our most popular modules, the micro rectifier is a proven performer. It has an outstanding record in some of the world’s most demanding environments.


Resillient Modularity

3kW 110V (RM30110)

Delivers significant reliability benefits over prevalent ferro type chargers due to our advanced modular, scalable and redundant architecture.

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