Support and Service

In today’s environment, it’s a rare thing to deal directly with manufacturers. However, at Enatel Energy you can be assured of prompt, accurate support and service, with easy access to the decision makers and designers.

We can assist you in power planning, installation, troubleshooting, maintenance and upgrading, as well as training services and site audits.

As power conversion pioneers, we know power, and we are here to help you achieve your goals – big or small.

What Sets Us Apart


Technology Solutions

Targeted to your needs

Unique topology, from the industry’s pioneering experts,
ensures that you will get the highest quality product for the right application.



Flexibility and Scalability

Solutions for today and tomorrow

Our flexi system architectures are designed to allow painless scaling and evolution that match changing requirements within demanding, fast paced technology environments.


Dedicated Support

Every step of the way

Enatel Energy provides a range of presales and after sales support, including consultancy services, factory training for approved dealers and authorized service centre accreditation. On-site product and installation training is also available.


High Value Manufacturing

High quality reliability

Enatel Energy is a ‘one stop shop’. Because every function is under one (large) roof, we are able to effectively bridge those critical gaps between innovation and commercialization.

New Zealand – A Great Place to do Business

New Zealand innovation is responsible for some of the world’s most significant breakthroughs. It was New Zealand innovation that led to the splitting of the atom, the joint discovery of the structure of DNA and modern water jet propulsion to name but a few.


Demonstration Site – Real Events, Real Data


A look at our smart control, conversion and management of energy transformation and optimisation.


 What does Green Energy mean?

In our view, Green Energy goes beyond product performance. To earn the mark, the product conversion must be of a sufficient efficiency and power density, as well as consider key processes and metrics – including energy management, first past yields and field failure rates.
We focus on developing world-leading technology that continually considers the environment we all live in, and its ongoing sustainability.

Success Stories