Welcome to a world where your ICT batteries work for you

Say goodbye to the days when the batteries powering your communications get a free ride.

Unlock their potential with a bidirectional power solution designed specifically to enable communications sites to consolidate, monetise, and sweat assets.

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Reap the rewards of provisioning power when it’s most needed

Maximise revenue generation with a dynamic continuous response platform that automates how you use the power you generate.

SYNERGi is already one of the most powerful hybrid systems available.

Let it manage and transform energy on demand as well as automate the other OPEX-intensive maintenance and site set-up jobs it already handles.

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Easily scale thanks to end user-focused modular design

Target your growing pains with a scalable solution that has modularity baked into its DNA.

We made our name providing solutions and components that fit around you and SYNERGI 2.0 is no different.

Why use a system that locks you in and increases OPEX because its hard to manage and use? The simple answer is that you don’t have to.




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